[Walkthrough - 03] Piloting Basics

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[Walkthrough - 03] Piloting Basics

Post by scheissegalo »

In Dual Universe, you have three main families of Engines for Dynamic Constructs (Constructs having the ability to move):

- Hover Engines (to make Constructs able to float above the ground)

- Atmospheric Engines (to make Constructs able to fly and maneuver in atmosphere)

- Space Engines (to make Constructs able to move and maneuver in space)

You can mix several of these types of Engines to make hybrid ships (but the difficulty to make such Constructs work properly increases accordingly)
You have also a few other families having more specific roles like the Rocket Engines to facilitate the action of exiting the atmosphere and quickly reach space, but this will be the topic of another thread.

To keep it simple, we are going to start with the Hovercraft you've just built with the Blueprint and the Materials given by the Dispensers in Supply Depot Area.

(under construction)
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