Welcome to Dual Universe (Alpha)! - First Steps

First time ingame or just stuck? Read some Tutorials
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Welcome to Dual Universe (Alpha)! - First Steps

Post by scheissegalo »

Dear Alpha Tester,

At this stage of Development where the in-game tutorials aren't available yet and the Codex not complete, we hope this section will help you to make your first steps in Dual Universe. If you think that some information is missing regarding basic knowledge on the tools, the elements or more globally the gameplay, feel free to make some suggestions below, in the current thread! :)

Also if you have some feedback or some suggestions on a specific topic (if there is some info missing or if you think the explanations could be improved in your opinion), don't hesitate to post in the dedicated thread of the said topic.


- Walthroughs are beginner guides for those who have absolute zero knowledge of Dual Universe (What are the Controls? What is the Game Lore?)
- Tutorials are beginner guides to give a global understanding of a gameplay aspect (Piloting, Prospecting, Mining, Crafting, Trading...)
- Spotlights are beginner guides focusing on a specific Tool or Element to give a deeper understanding of the feature.

Before starting your journey, we strongly advise to check the following walkthroughs:

1. Coming out of the Arkship and reach a District.
2. Get your first Blueprint, Deploy your first Construct
3. Piloting Basics
4. Nanoformer: List of the tools it provides
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