[Script] Basic space autopilot

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[Script] Basic space autopilot

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This is a basic autopilot script that can accelerate your construct towards a planet and later apply brakes to stop. Vertical space engines are used to control drift.


Space brakes, 1.5+ g.
Vertical space engines (pointing down), 0.3+ g. Space engines pointing left, right and up are optional.
A remote control unit or a separate hover seat.


No manual piloting. Use another script to get to space and to land.
No collision avoidance. Make sure there are no planets, moons, asteroids or space stations between you and the destination.
Planet positions are stored in the script. If NQ moves the planets, the script will have to be updated.


With an auto-configuration schema (recommended)

to Game\data\lua\autoconf\custom in your Dual Universe installation directory. By default it's C:\ProgramData\Dual Universe\Game\data\lua\autoconf\custom
Important! The file has to be saved with a .conf extension. To make sure the extension is correct, enter "flight-space-autopilot.conf" (with the quotes) in the browser's "Save As" window.
Right-click the control unit (a remote control or a hover seat) and select "Update custom autoconf list". This needs to be done only once.
Right-click the control unit and select "Actions for this element", "Run custom autoconfigure", "Basic Space Autopilot".

With a pasteable script configuration

and copy everything to clipboard.
Right-click the control unit (a remote control or a hover seat) and select "Actions for this element", "Paste Lua configuration from clipboard".
The game should display a "Lua script loaded" message. If it did not, restart the game and copy the script configuration again.
Link the core (required) and fuel tanks (optional) to the control unit.

Original: https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php ... -autopilot
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